Winners announcement - Fabio Palvelli

As you probably know Kostas, our amazing creative director, was a guest artist in Fabio Palvelli’s Challenge 13, which was really exciting.

Silverlab Creations is part of Realated Visual and it deals with 3D modelling and production of customised jewellery - everything you dreamt of and couldn’t get anywhere else. It’s him that you can trust due to 10-year experience in the area of 3D modelling and visualization.

The first and main thing we’d like to state about the Challenge 13 results is that each participant did fabulous work! And many of the renders were just fantastic!!! The winners managed to catch that subtle thread which merges 3D modelling with customised jewellery production. Great job, guys!

Now it’s time for our studio to materialize your dreams and ideas into real life.

The first prize winner gets a special gift - the model embodied in silver, produced at our expense. For that purpose we will optimise the design for jewelry production and 3D files for 3D printing. Then we’ll have 3D printed waxes proceeding to metal casting. And at the end-stage the metal casts will be assembled by a highly skilled jeweller. The final piece made of solid sterling silver will be sent to the winner.

The two second winners will get their 3D model files ready for production finally modified by our team.


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