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Often the combination of real images and 3D produced parts is the best way to create the picture from our dreams. A peaceful and stable composition that captures an environment we missed a lot especially these days, weeks and already months.

Every mate in our small studio spent huge amount of time improving their skills every day, trying to touch the divine. Being inspired from great masters from past centuries and keeping the balance with the our days technology we always try to create a wow image.

You can call it nonsense, but being involved in visualisation production every day is extremely hard to stay creative at the level we want. The commercial project gives useful time limit to finish it productively in time, but usually it takes the freedom.

There is a gap between awesomeness we can create and the product client needs.

Happy Friday!

In a less then a month spring is coming and some new regulations. Hope is still with us...


Updated: Jul 16

...wait, let me explain

I haven't been in the 24-hour heat of work for a long time now.

On the one hand it's been several years that I've started my own studio and I've been more involved in organising work, building a strong team and developing business (I'll write more articles on this in future). On the other hand we all lived in 2020 and we were forced to try a lot of new things and to step outside the usual routine. Home - work and work - home was a normal practice until 2020.

So I even missed 3D rendering.

But I will clarify, I missed the moment that does not often appear in my daily routine.

It's that rare moment when all the info from the designer is already in your hands, there are no questions left and you have time before the deadline at your disposal. Even if delivery is set for the next morning you are still cheerful and ready to create because your favourite client is waiting for your great renders to pass the baton further.

So, after several years of "hasteless" life as a project manager I found myself spending the night at the computer. I think many designers (not just the 3D crowd) know what I'm talking about. And in general, all of us, designers suffer from the problem of the correct allocation of time and priorities. And I'm not belittling time management in no way.

The essence of my message is as follows. Do not be afraid to return occasionally to the old routines in which you were a KING a few years ago, especially to those parts of it that are already in the past but are still loved. Since what happens to you today will also become the past someday...

It’s a great practice, for me, to remind yourself how great you were in the creative process you had gone through earlier. And to remain confident that in future steps to Olympus, everything will work out.

Since the beginning of the last year,

...it's been a common decision in the Realated Visual team that if our client requests help at the weekend we would be happy to organize such a work plan for our team to meet the unexpected needs of our common projects with clients.

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