Save To Continue or Die

It would seem that my generation knows these simple things from childhood, when each of us played our favorite console game and mother shouted: "Are you coming down to eat!?" or

"Shut it down and get to your homework!"...

The most important thing at that moment was to save your game. It was crucial to secure the progress of life (nerves, skills, etc.) in a specific location or level. And I suppose I should have known better, since I was around for long and have worked with design programs for dozens of years. But the screw ups are still here.

Long story short: a couple of months ago I noticed that 3DsMax sometimes spends time on autobackups but won't find them anywhere when they are needed. Yesterday my young and yet unburdened by the phobia of losing a workfile mate discovered that three hours of his intense and productive work had been lost without trace somewhere in the dark side of the digital world.

No time to whine or ask if anyone knows how to help. The decision was taken immediately and harshly - we'll disable autobackups and do them manually. The project's work continued the same day since pre-fuckup drafts were on cloud.

Our young specialist is mad but not defeated, he dropped in this morning to do everything anew and he goes on almost unshattered by the incident and even wiser.

In 3dsMax we trust, but save your progress, folks, save your progress...

Have a productive year everyone!